2018 Singapore-Thailand Drive – Day 5 – Passport Panic

Bye bye Chumphon!

Have any of you experienced the panic of losing a passport? This was our experience early on Day 5 as we were packing up and about to check out of the hotel. Somehow, from five passports in my bag, we were left with only four – the passport of our youngest kid mysteriously disappeared , even though we didn’t remember taking it out of my bag, or our room, after we checked in the previous day. After some frantic calls and visits to the hotel reception, we still could not locate it. The reception had made a photocopy of the missing passport so we knew that we had it when we checked it, and the hotel staff said that she remembered passing all five passports back to us.

I remembered putting all five in my backpack. and I don’t remember taking any out, so where could we have lost the missing passport? Could it have dropped out of my bag on the way from the reception area to our room after we checked in? All very strange.

I searched my bag again and even asked my wife to help search the bag, and both of us  could not find the missing passport in any hidden pocket of my backpack. At this point, we were all at the point of emotional breakdown. We were out of ideas.

Then I decided on a last ditch effort of emptying my bag of all its items, still nothing there. I turn the bag upside down, and gave it two hard shakes. Incredibly, in a dramatic twist, the missing passport then dropped out from the “empty” bag. Don’t ask me how it could happen, maybe I have uncovered a hidden talent as a professional magician. 😛

Enough drama for the morning, you can’t imagine the immense relief we felt that the missing passport was found, somehow redeemed from the black hole residing inside my magic backpack.

This is part 7 of my 2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand Blog Series,  look out for part 8!

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