Reason to be Grateful

Your family is lucky to have you. I'm sure you're just as lucky. Blessed Christmas from the Lion family! Firstly, here's wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas! Christmas is a time of giving, as well as a time of receiving. You can't have one without the other. If none of us is willing to give, none... Continue Reading →


The Perfect Party

The perfect party is not the one where there is the most exquisite cuisine, the most fancy costumes, the most glamorous of locations. Rather, the perfect party is where people accept and celebrate each other for who they truly are, with all their strengths and weaknesses, with all their laughs and tears, with pain and... Continue Reading →

The New MCD McNuggets Burger

McDonald's McNuggets burger, self-assembled! Ever since the new McDonald's drive-through opened near our home, our family has enjoyed some convenient take-away dinners to satisfy our regular craving for McDonald's. My wife loves the McSpicy burgers, but because she is on a Keto diet, she looks to avoid carbohydrates e.g. french fries, buns. It is pretty... Continue Reading →

A Treat from LayerPlay

LayerPlay isn’t just about wall art.Everyone is unique and we embrace individual style, preference and personality. Was super blessed to receive this personalised present from a friend today. We are in the same business networking group and he basically gave one of these personalised "cubes" to every single member of our group, all 30 of... Continue Reading →

Be The Sunshine!

There is so much negativity all around us, and it is so easy for us to get discouraged and disillusioned about things. It doesn't help that only bad news seems to be reported and good news doesn't seem to sell many newspapers these days. This quote is a good reminder for us to seek to... Continue Reading →

New Facebook Group for Road Trip Lovers!

I was exploring Facebook to try to find a group of road trip lovers who love to do self-drive holidays in Asia, and I could not find any. So, I decided to create a group of our own>>>>>  ROAD TRIPS IN ASIA Facebook Group Do join our community of free-spirited travellers looking to explore different countries... Continue Reading →

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