2018 Singapore-Thailand Drive – Time to Head Home

Day 11 – Rayong to Hua Hin

Thank you Uncle Ben! One for the photo collection of beautiful memories!

With that, folks, it was now time to head home. In this case, heading home meant that we start the long 2000km drive back to Singapore. This would be the start of our 2nd half of our epic road trip. Naturally, we had a bit of sadness in our heart, especially because we had such a great time here in Rayong. 

We said our last goodbyes to Uncle Ben, who came to see us off at the hotel during breakfast time. He had been such an amazing host to us and left an especially deep impact on the kids. To this day, they still tell us every now and then how much they miss Uncle Ben and that they would really like to go back to Rayong again to visit him. 

Our journey today retraced our steps back along Route 36 and Motorway 7, driving past Bangkok. Our destination for the night was Hua Hin, a popular holiday town for the locals from Bangkok. 

It was good that we were making this leg on a Sunday, as that meant that the traffic was comparatively smooth, without any jam. We covered ground quickly and when we were past Bangkok, we stopped for late lunch at Burger King.

Clear roads in Bangkok on a Sunday
When you have kids on a long road trip, fast food is really the most convenient… 

After lunch, the kids slept most of the rest of the way in the car. We started today’s journey at 11am and we arrived in Hua Hin at around 4pm. 

Heading into Hua Hin

My impression of Hua Hin is that it is an extremely well kept town, not anywhere as messy and complicated as some other Thai towns. It could be because this is primarily a tourist town. Along the main stretch of road, you see the grand entrances to all the major branded resorts. All the amenities you need are within easy reach at the town centre. It was a pity we only had time to stop over for the night here, it seemed like a place which would be worth staying a few more days to chill and relax. Perhaps on one of our future trips….

Taking the kids out for dinner by myself in Hua Hin, while mommy relaxes in the hotel…

The next day would be the longest leg of our trip, 600km from Hua Hin to Phuket, so we decided to rest early for the night so that we would be fresh and alert in the morning.

This was Part 13 of my Blog Series, click HERE for the next part where I share about having to drive in heavy rain with low visibility on our next leg to Phuket!

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