The Lion’s Songs

Lennie holds a MPhil (Music Composition) from the University of Birmingham,UK. He enjoys composing music for in a variety of mediums and genres. He seeks to inspire his listeners with an uplifting message delivered with a strong musical flow.

Below are some examples of the work that he has done. For enquiries, please email him at

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream – performed by Vox Camerata

“If we only believe, we can go where our dreams will lead.”

Shining Light

Shining Light – 2014 MOE Workplan Seminar Theme Song

“You’re a diamond in the making, one day you will shine!”

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand – 2015 MOE Workplan Seminar Theme Song

“Though rain may fall, love conquers all. All through life’s storms we will stand tall”

Heart of a Teacher

Performed for the Dunman High School Teachers’ Day Celebrations 2016

“The Heart of a Teacher was beating for me…”


Undivided – Performed by the Amoris Singers

My God Jehovah 我的神啊耶和华

My God Jehovah – Performed by the Amoris Singers

“Let us become the light of this generation”

My Friend

My Friend – STEP Theme Song performed by the DHS Chinese Orchestra

“We were strangers when we first began, our hearts now beat as one…”

Find this Rainbow

Find this Rainbow – Performed by Vox Camerata

“I will find the strength to push through, I will teach these wings to fly”

A Child Before the FatherBlog Post ; Youtube

Transformed – Blog Post ; Youtube

Upon That Tree – Blog Post ; Youtube

Choral Compositions

  • Dare to Dream
  • Find This Rainbow
  • My God Jehovah
  • Undivided


  • My Friend
  • Heart of a Teacher
  • Upon That Tree
  • Child Before the Father