2019 Drive to Thailand – Time to Head Home

All good times will come to an end, and that's what makes us appreciate them more! After 3 nights in Phuket City, it was now time to pack our bags and head back towards Singapore. The process of heading home will take a few days yet, so that gives us a longer runway to feel... Continue Reading →


Reflections of a Music Teacher

"Thanks for being the most awesome music teacher I've known although you've only taught me for one term" It has been such a joy teaching Music at the Singapore Chinese Girl's School over the past 3 months. I am only a temporary teacher here, substituting for the regular music teacher who has been on leave.... Continue Reading →

Unboxing My New Huawei Nova 5T

I have been looking for a new phone for some time now, and I needed to do a bit of research and comparison before finally deciding what to take a plunge on. I didn't want to spend a thousand dollars on a flagship model, because I never felt it justified to be spending so much... Continue Reading →


The Winter months are approaching. For me here in sunny Singapore not a literal winter, but a figurative one. Even now, our sun shines dimmer through the hazy skies which have been coloured grey as the wind turns, blowing in the smoke and haze caused by the intense burning of the forests in Sumatra. Winter... Continue Reading →

Too Ugly For Selfies?

To all the evil people that would say that this lovely lady is too ugly to post selfies: go look at yourself in a mirror (figuratively), you are most definitely too ugly to be human. Having been married to a wife with cerebral palsy, we are all too familiar with this sort of cruel words... Continue Reading →

Midautumn’s Night Scene

It's the midautumn festival! A time where the moon shines the biggest and the brightest in the night sky. A time to feast on delicious mooncakes and for the kids to parade with their candlelit lanterns. For me, it is time for a long peaceful walk along our wonderful canals, soaking in the sights of... Continue Reading →

The Eraser

Truth is often a hard thing to grasp. It is often complex and multifaceted, cutting across different perspectives and dimensions of understanding. It is also coloured by our upbringing and our experience. I saw the above story on a friend's FB. On the surface, it seemed like another one of those wonderful parables of the... Continue Reading →

Paying the Price

After sweeping up what my kids won't eat over our short September vacation, the weighing scale shakes its head in disapproval. Its time to put this sleepy head aside and put on my shoes for a midnight calorie burn. Current weight 96kg, am targetting to lose one kg a week for the next 4 weeks... Continue Reading →

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