Straight Distinctions!

So proud of my student Cassius who just received his O-Level results. He scored a modest 210 for PSLE, went to Assumption English School, but worked his ass off to improve his results. When I started tutoring him middle of his Sec 1 year, he had just scored 49% for Math in his Mid-Year examinations. He really had a hard time with with the subject, especially with Algebra and visualisation of 3 dimensional Geometry. At that time, he also struggled with his other subjects, with the exception of History and Geography… his strength was definitely in the Humanities.

Over the course of the next few years, he improved well enough to qualify to take Additional Mathematics and Pure Sciences. He always inspired me with how hard he worked. When I asked him what his dream was, he shared that he wanted to become a doctor someday. With this goal in mind, he was driven and pushed himself to succeed. Even when he experienced setbacks, he set aside his disappointment and redoubled his efforts, always bouncing back like the great boxing legend he was named after. While other kids his age were investing time into handphone apps and computer games, he used his time to improve himself and his understanding of diverse subjects.

Today, he has reaped the reward of his labour… STRAIGHT DISTINCTIONS, and what a beautiful result slip this is! πŸ™‚ SO WELL DESERVED INDEED! Today, I celebrate with you Cassius, and I know that this is only a stepping stone for you, for surely you will climb greater heights and inspire others to follow suit!