2019 Drive to Thailand – Time to Head Home

All good times will come to an end, and that's what makes us appreciate them more! After 3 nights in Phuket City, it was now time to pack our bags and head back towards Singapore. The process of heading home will take a few days yet, so that gives us a longer runway to feel... Continue Reading →


Reflections of a Music Teacher

"Thanks for being the most awesome music teacher I've known although you've only taught me for one term" It has been such a joy teaching Music at the Singapore Chinese Girl's School over the past 3 months. I am only a temporary teacher here, substituting for the regular music teacher who has been on leave.... Continue Reading →

Midautumn’s Night Scene

It's the midautumn festival! A time where the moon shines the biggest and the brightest in the night sky. A time to feast on delicious mooncakes and for the kids to parade with their candlelit lanterns. For me, it is time for a long peaceful walk along our wonderful canals, soaking in the sights of... Continue Reading →

The Eraser

Truth is often a hard thing to grasp. It is often complex and multifaceted, cutting across different perspectives and dimensions of understanding. It is also coloured by our upbringing and our experience. I saw the above story on a friend's FB. On the surface, it seemed like another one of those wonderful parables of the... Continue Reading →

Paying the Price

After sweeping up what my kids won't eat over our short September vacation, the weighing scale shakes its head in disapproval. Its time to put this sleepy head aside and put on my shoes for a midnight calorie burn. Current weight 96kg, am targetting to lose one kg a week for the next 4 weeks... Continue Reading →

Reason to be Grateful

Your family is lucky to have you. I'm sure you're just as lucky. Blessed Christmas from the Lion family! Firstly, here's wishing everyone a Blessed Christmas! Christmas is a time of giving, as well as a time of receiving. You can't have one without the other. If none of us is willing to give, none... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Party

The perfect party is not the one where there is the most exquisite cuisine, the most fancy costumes, the most glamorous of locations. Rather, the perfect party is where people accept and celebrate each other for who they truly are, with all their strengths and weaknesses, with all their laughs and tears, with pain and... Continue Reading →

Be The Sunshine!

There is so much negativity all around us, and it is so easy for us to get discouraged and disillusioned about things. It doesn't help that only bad news seems to be reported and good news doesn't seem to sell many newspapers these days. This quote is a good reminder for us to seek to... Continue Reading →

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