Khon Kaen City Museum

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After the visit to the King Cobra Village, we rush back into Khon Kaen City to try to visit one of the museums before the end of the day. We first drop by the Khon Kaen National Museum, but unfortunately, that museum had already closed for the day. We then change plans and travel a bit further to the Khon Kaen City Museum, which is situated by the side of the Kaen Nakhon lake.

We had tried to visit this museum a few days back, but it was closed because of the public holiday. Today, thankfully, it was open, and we had about an hour to take a look around before closing time. Entrance fees were reasonable, 90 Baht for foreigners and 10 Baht for children.

The museum was practically empty at that time, and the wonderful staff took time to show us around and to explain to us the different sections and exhibits.

Lakeside view

The exhibits were quite comprehensive, showing the festivals, customs, and and items of the people from the Isan region in Northeast Thailand. Surprisingly, the kids enjoyed it too, even though not all the exhibits had English translations. The displays were realistic and really give a good idea of what life was like for the Isan people through the ages.

Good also for the kids to take some time to read about the places they are visiting and to understand a little bit of culture. It took us about 50 minutes to complete viewing the exhibits, and after we got out of the museum, the helpful staff ushered us to another museum nearby. The Nanning museum has a Chinese theme and is free to enter. In it, you can see Chinese artifacts and read about the Chinese influence in the region.

After the museum, we take some time to walk beside the lake, enjoying the fresh air and the serenity of the open space. There is a nice view of the Nine-Story Stupa from the museum side of the lake.

View of the Nine-Storey Stupa from across the lake
  • Value for Money (8.5/10): THB90 for adult tourists and THB10 each for the kids. Very reasonably priced.
  • Quality of Exhibits (9/10): The exhibits were quite good, very informative.
  • The Kids Loved It (7.7/10): Little Lioness Cub (9/10) “The displays were very realistic” ; Little Lion Cub (7/10) “It was a bit short. I liked the models” ; Little Baby Lion (7/10) “Have things to learn about the people in the city”
  • The Adults Loved It: (8/10): It gave me a lot of insight into the history of Khon Kaen and the I-san region. Short but concise presentation of culture and the traditions of the people there.
  • Memories Created (6.5/10): Not so good for photos inside the museum, but the lakeside is quite scenic. Don’t forget to browse through the Nanning Museum beside the City Museum.
  • Crowds (10/10): The museum was empty.
  • OVERALL RATING(8/10): Worth a visit. 50 minutes is sufficient.

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