2019 Drive to Thailand – Off to Phuket Town!

Strange but true... although we've been to Phuket island plenty of times, we have never actually driven into the city centre. This trip would be our first time! In the grand scheme of things, this would be just like a leisurely morning stroll instead of a marathon run. Nothing really scary about this drive, except... Continue Reading →


2019 Drive to Thailand – Krabi Krazy

The EARTH without ART is just "EH" Enjoyable meal at Bryde Restaurant I love Krabi, its less touristy than Phuket, but still touristy enough for us to find great food, great massage, and great things for the kids to do. This is a good base to explore the surrounding areas, climb the hills, take a... Continue Reading →

The New MCD McNuggets Burger

McDonald's McNuggets burger, self-assembled! Ever since the new McDonald's drive-through opened near our home, our family has enjoyed some convenient take-away dinners to satisfy our regular craving for McDonald's. My wife loves the McSpicy burgers, but because she is on a Keto diet, she looks to avoid carbohydrates e.g. french fries, buns. It is pretty... Continue Reading →

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