Time, So Short…

Woke up today to shocking news of the passing of Basketball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a tragic helicopter crash. He was just 41 years of age, born in the same year as me. His daughter also had her life cut short, at just 13 years old. Makes me really ponder, what is the value of our life? Do we make the most of our every moment? Do we live every day as though it might be our last? Kobe Bryant certainly has lived his life to the fullest, having impacted and inspired millions of people around him. He wasn’t perfect, for sure, but he will be remembered and cherished by his legion of fans. What will my impact be? I probably will never be as famous as he was, but will my work and my life be significant? Will I leave my mark as he has? What kind of legacy will it be?

We have been celebrating Chinese New Year over the past two days, amidst grim news about the rapid spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. The news coming out from China has not been positive, and it seems to be developing into a grave situation over there.

Singapore has had its first confirmed cases, with one of the victims having traveled openly in public transport and also shopped along Orchard Road. Only in the next few days we will see the impact of that public exposure of the virus. We can only hope and pray, and to stay vigilant and prepared of what the next few weeks will bring.