Hokkaido Winter Drive – Sapporo to Jozankei


The first day of our drive was a short 30km route from Sapporo to Jozankei along the route 230. Within Sapporo city, the speed limits were 50km/h with plenty of traffic lights, and this meant that progress was really slow. Once we cleared the city limits, the drive was much smoother with the speed limits up to 60km/h and fewer traffic junctions. The drive also became more scenic with plenty of trees and mountains to enjoy. The surroundings also became progressively whiter with snow on the ground and on the trees. It was a pity my son fell asleep so he did not get to enjoy the scenes!

Jozankei is a quiet, quaint town that caters mainly to the visitors who come to enjoy the hot springs in winter. There is hardly anywhere to eat or to hang out, save for the restaurants inside the many hotels and resorts in the area.


We spent the night at Hotel Sankaien, a simple and reasonably priced onsen hotel with Japanese style rooms. When we arrived at the hotel, we woke our son up and he was mesmerised by the winter landscape. Before this trip, he had never experienced snow and as a first-timer, you can imagine his excitement to find himself enveloped in a white wonderland.

Our room had a good view overlooking the stream that runs through the town.


This is part 2 of my Hokkaido Winter Drive blog series, click HERE for part 3 where I share about the breathtaking drive from Jozankei to Otaru!

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