5 Oysters, HCMC

We were looking for a good place to eat for our final meal in Ho Chi Minh City, and we settled on the 5 Oysters restaurant at Bui Vien. Thankfully, our experience here matched the generally positive reviews on Tripadvisor. Prices were reasonable and well worth it considering the quality of the food.  Summary: Bo... Continue Reading →

King Kebab, HCMC

Sometimes the simplest meals can be the most satisfying. This simple Kebab takeaway along Bui Vien was tasty and a great option when you need a break from Vietnamese cuisine. A nice blend of kebab meat, veggies and french fries with delicious sauce all wrapped up. The service is great too, with the shop owners... Continue Reading →

Ho Chi Minh City

It has been a refreshing short trip to Ho Chi Minh City, even though we didn't really do anything much! 6 years ago, we visited Vietnam 3 times, covering Ho Chi Minh, Hue, Hanoi, and Halong Bay. My wife always loved Vietnamese food, and Vietnam is certainly a paradise of spring rolls, noodles and other... Continue Reading →

Pho Ba La, HCMC

This Pho eatery, along the Bui Vien backpackers stretch, used to be called Pho Vin, but the now it is Pho Ba La. It serves a few versions of Pho, all using different cuts of beef. You can also decide on the portion size you require. We ordered one Pho Tai Nam (Rare - Flank)... Continue Reading →

Cobalt Restaurant, Pullman Saigon City

This restaurant is on the 30th floor of the Pullman Saigon City, and it offers some spectacular unblocked views of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a classy restaurant, featuring a whole wall of wine displayed elegantly in a glass cabinet. The spread of food here, however, is disappointingly limited, without any local cuisine or... Continue Reading →

Pho Thanh Canh, HCMC

We were looking for a good Pho to undo the damage caused by last night's disappointing visit to the Royal Saigon Restaurant. We decided to try out this humble looking Pho eatery just around the corner from Pullman Saigon Centre where we were putting up. This seemed like a place targeted more at locals rather... Continue Reading →

Royal Saigon Restaurant, HCMC

We wanted to try this restaurant because of its high rating on Tripadvisor, and we braved the pouring rain to get to the restaurant for an early dinner at about 5pm. When we arrived, the restaurant was completely empty and we proceeded to a slightly bigger table with 4 seats. The male wait staff (who... Continue Reading →

Pullman Saigon Centre, HCMC

Booked the Pullman Saigon Centre during Accor's 40% members sale and we certainly have no regrets! Wonderful hotel, convenient location near the backpackers street. I don't know how, but the front desk staff greeted me by name when I checked-in before I even handed them any official identification documents. I'm still figuring that one out!... Continue Reading →

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