2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand


This is our 4th epic road trip from Singapore to Thailand. The past three years, the destination was Phuket. This year, we set our sights further north, to Bangkok and ultimately Rayong province to visit some of my friends there.

Although this is our 4th trip, uncertainties still abound. Things have changed: We hear that the Sadao immigration construction work has been completed and is now a drive through experience. If you are planning to drive your own vehicle into Thailand via Sadao, it is important you read about the new procedure HERE.

We wonder how it would be like to drive north of Phuket, and how difficult it will be to navigate Bangkok’s famous traffic jams.

This is the route we will be taking for this trip:

Singapore – Kuala Lumpur – Taiping – Hatyai – Chumphon – Bangkok – Rayong – Hua Hin – Phuket – Jitra – Taiping – Putrajaya – Singapore

Click HERE for the Route Summary

Do join me for the next 3 weeks as I chart our 4000km journey. I appreciate all of you who read my blog, especially my subscribers and those who have left their comments and encouraging words.

This is part 1 of my 2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand Blog Series, click HERE for part 2!

2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand Blog Series:

  1. 2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand
  2. Getting a Grip
  3. Taiping Tyrannosaurus
  4. A Completely New Border Crossing
  5. First time in Hatyai
  6. Cantering Towards Chumphon
  7. Passport Panic
  8. Breaking the Bangkok Barrier
  9. A Home Away From Home
  10. Kids Love Kidzania!
  11. Rayong Night Drive
  12. A Rayong Adventure
  13. Time to Head Home
  14. Driving in Heavy Rain
  15. Craft and Japanese
  16. Rock Climbing and Mini Golf
  17. Scenic Drive Through Phang Nga
  18. From Money Changer to Money Taker
  19. Putrajaya Paradise
  20. The Last Leg with my Concluding Thoughts
  21. Route Summary

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Please subscribe by dropping me an email at lenniechua@gmail.com and do also feel free to contact me if you have any queries or comments!


25 thoughts on “2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand

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  1. I have drove in Bangkok too. Need not worry too much. Just need to be caution that certain time you need to drive into one of the opposite lane to make right turn. I rely on the GPS that came with the rental car which provide such information. Hope that you got a good GPS. Good Luck! Do update more on Sadao Custom clearance. See if we should do the vehicle import first or custom clearance.

      1. No problem. After reading your previous roadtrip, I brought my family for roadtrip to Phuket too last December. Quite a interesting drive into Thailand. It was my second time driving into Thailand, hoping to do another one to Bangkok soon. It will be also a dream to drive to Chiang Mai in the near future.

      2. Cool bro, I want to drive to Chiangmai too sometime. Maybe someday we can do a convoy haha. Unfortunate we might not be able to do the drive next year. So this year will be our last drive for awhile

  2. Hi Len just wondering if there’s Euro Deisel 5 in Thailand (after Sadao crossing from Malaysia)? Pls advise with thanks. Also thanks for your detailed of your road trip, very inspiring to do one with family soon!

    1. Regards to Euro 5, i understand Thailand was using Euro 4 since 2005 which had much less sulphur than Euro 2. But I’ve bought a 20 liter fuel tank to supplement Thai fuel for my Phuket Koh Samui trip next year.

  3. Just want to say that your blog inspired my family to take the drive to Thailand last month. Looking forward to the next one. Have a great road trip!

    1. Hi Roy, where did you go too? I have done 2 trips into Thailand. First was to Hatyai and last year end to Phuket. It was quite a fun drive if all family members enjoy road trip.

  4. Encouraging and detailed blog to guide for a road trip. My current Singapore car insurance is valid up to 80km from Malaysia border in to Thailand. Will the third party insurance mentioned in the blog be sufficient or need to extend it from Singapore agent ? The extension quote is ~50SGD + GST per day.

      1. Basically I wanted to understand what is covered with the third party insurance taken from Malaysia? And even if we extend current insurance from Singapore, must take this one ?

      2. The third party coverage in thailand doesnt cover your own vehicle, it only covers damage done to other vehicles. Even if u extend your singapore coverage, you are still required by Thai law to purchase the 3rd party insurance in Thailand. So if you dont extend your Singapore coverage, you are taking a risk for the time you drive in Thailand.

      3. Hi, I’m Danny writing from T.intan, Msia. Last December 2018, I bought a 800 baht 3rd party insurance in Betong. And yes, it’s for damage and hospital coverage for 3rd party. Better be safe than sorry later.
        Lennie, reads like you’ve made the trip to Rayong already? Would like to convoy with you to as far as Bangkok, break off and proceed north, Kancanaburi, Ayuthia, to ChiangRai. If your itinerary clicks.

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