2018 Singapore-Thailand Drive – A Home Away From Home

Day 7 – Bangkok

Though the years, I’ve realised that our idea of a good holiday can be quite different from many other Singaporeans.

For us, the goal when we are on holiday is not to visit as many tourist sites as possible. Neither is it to shop till we drop and bring back bags of souvenirs. We like to take things easy and to go as slow as possible, to just enjoy each other’s company and to spend time together doing practically NOTHING. After all, life in Singapore is already so stressful, so much pressure on the kids to achieve good grades in their studies, so much pressure on the adults to earn enough money to live a reasonable lifestyle. We are always so busy doing this and that, and rushing around from place to place getting things done.

Therefore, why take the same stressful approach while on holiday? The holidays are the time for me to really spend quality time with the family, to interact with the kids and just living a normal life to recharge and rejuvenate for the next lap of craziness. Believe me, after a 2000km drive from Singapore to Bangkok, it is good to have a few days to chill out with no fixed plans. 

For this reason, we love our Marriott Vacation Club membership, which really gives us the feeling of having a home away from home. People ask us all the time if we are bored going to the same few resorts in Phuket and Bangkok again and again. Sometimes, even the Marriott staff ask us this question, and we always say NO!

Our kids enjoyed their time at the playground and the swimming pool. For the adults, we enjoy the reasonably-priced massages and the great food in the Thai capital. We also spend time working out in the gym and indulging ourselves in movie marathons.

Pigging out on wonderful Thai food and pizza!

Interestingly, for this trip, we had the pleasure of entertaining two sets of friends at our Bangkok apartment. For some strange reason, we are too busy to meet to catch up in Singapore, but since we happen to be in Bangkok at the same time, it was a good opportunity to have a meal together! What a wonderful time we had with John, and also with Derrick, Stella and their wonderful family! Imagine having 7 kids running around the house…. to some, that seems like a nightmare, but for the 4 adults, we managed to have great conversations while the kids managed their own agendas. Its strange, but somehow, the more kids you have, the easier it is to manage them. Try it for yourselves and tell me if it works for you!

The Kids Taking Care of Themselves

This is part 9 of my 2018 Drive from Singapore to Thailand Blog Series,  click HERE for the next installment where I share about our exciting day out at Kidzania, Bangkok!

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