2019 Cameron Highlands Brothers Drive

So we were having dinner with my two brothers at my place one day and the conversation turned to the surprising fact that we have never ever taken a trip together alone as brothers before. The last time we ever went overseas together was probably with our parents when we were just little kids, on a family road trip to Genting Highlands. Probably kind of when we were around this age:

Cute right?

That must have been a good 30 years ago. πŸ˜› Amazing but true.

My youngest brother will be getting married soon, and we propose our inaugural “Brothers Trip” to spend time together in advance of his upcoming wedding, as well as to relive old memories together as brothers.

Being the busy people that we are, we could only squeeze out a weekend escape of 3 – 4 days, and after some discussion, we decide to take a road trip to Cameron Highlands, somewhere near enough so that we can make the most out of our limited time together, and far enough to feel that we are doing something new and fresh together.

The plan was to set off early Friday morning at 2:30am and reach Ipoh in time for Dim Sum breakfast, before setting off up the mountains via the newer and wider Simpang Pulai route.

Our main goals for the trip would be to hike up Gunung Brinchang along the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia at 2000m above sea level. This was actually my suggestion. I always wanted to get up that mountain on our previous trips, but we were too scared to drive up because of the narrow steep roads. I attempted it one year, but it had been raining heavily, causing the roads to be extremely muddy. I feared being stuck in the mud. By hiking up, we get great exercise too! I need to lose some weight and get in better shape before I make my suit for my brother’s wedding!

We also make sure to pack loads of board games, reliving the times where much of our childhood was spent playing board games and card games together as siblings.

The weapons of brotherly warfare!

We book three nights at the iconic Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands at Kea Farm, at a very reasonable price of around S$70 per night for a triple sharing room.

The last time we shared a room together as brothers was when we were all squeezed into our cosy 3 room flat in Bukit Batok, just after I graduated from University… a good 15 years ago!

Click to read PART 2 where I share about how we had to deal with a little bit of drama even before we set off on our trip!

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