2018 Singapore-Thailand Drive – Kids Love Kidzania!

Day 9 – Bangkok

All aboard! A day in the life of a Firefighter!

for us as parents, it made us wish we were kids again

The highlight of our Bangkok leg was on the last day, when we visited Kidzania Bangkok. What a wonderful theme park this is! The whole setting is very atmospheric, with different shops and buildings lining the streets of the quirky town of Kidzania.

At each station, kids get a taste of how it is like to work in a specific occupation, with activities designed to give the kids an immersive hands-on experience as a job holder in that particular trade. They dress up in costumes reflecting the work attire of the job, and earn their wages by completing the given tasks. They get to save up their Kidzo dollars, which they can then use to shop at the Kidzania department store, or to purchase certain paid-experiences. They can even choose to save up their hard earned cash by depositing their Kidzo dollars at the Kidzania bank. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for our kids. The eldest two were happily zooming from station to station, selecting the job experience of their choice. Our youngest kid however, was a little overwhelmed, and it took some time before he felt comfortable trying out the different stations. 

For us as parents, it made us wish we were kids again, so that we could also join in the fun first hand. How come we never had these kind of opportunities when we were kids? It makes us wonder, how lucky our kids are. Nevertheless, it was also a rewarding afternoon for us parents, to see our kids in different contexts. Through observing our kids at work, we learn more about their personalities and inclinations. We also get the opportunity to talk to them regarding their future, to get them to learn to respect and appreciate people from all walks of life, be it you are a doctor, or a pump attendant. No matter what our jobs are in life, we still need to approach what we do with pride and with the satisfaction in the knowledge that we are making a difference in someone else’s life! 

This was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience for us as a family, and our only regret was that we should have aimed to reach the theme park earlier, so that the kids would have had more time to try out more of the experiences. All in all, this was definitely money well spent! 

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