Unboxing My New Huawei Nova 5T

I have been looking for a new phone for some time now, and I needed to do a bit of research and comparison before finally deciding what to take a plunge on.

I didn’t want to spend a thousand dollars on a flagship model, because I never felt it justified to be spending so much on a device that really is basically just for communication. I tend to be clumsy and careless with my butter fingers, and I can’t bear the thought of dropping a thousand dollar phone and watching it crack into pieces.

I’m definitely aiming for middle range, but something that bang for the buck and can still give the flagships models a run for their money.

I needed a relatively big screen, to accommodate my fat fingers and failing eyesight.

I needed good battery life to last me on days where I would be out and about from morning to evening.

I needed a good camera, so that I can capture my family memories and to improve the quality of photos on my blog.

I needed dual SIM, so that I could continue to use my main Starhub line and at the same time, enjoy the one year free unlimited Mobile Data of my new TPG line, all on the same device.

With these in mind, i settled for the newly launched Huawei Nova 5T.

At S$598 with the prelaunch offer of a free set of Huawei earbuds, it certai ly ticked all the right boxes!

My first impression was, what a beautiful phone this is!

I chose the purple version, because it was rather unusual for a phone to come in that colour. I was bit afraid that I would regret that choice when I saw the phone in real life. Thankfully when I unboxed it and flipped it around, it was an amazing striking shade of purple. It makes me happy that the phone came bundled with a transparent TPU cover, which both protects the phone and also still shows off the wonderful burst of purple on the back of the device!

This is my first Huawei phone, and was really excited to finally get my hands on their wonderful camera technology. At first glance, the camera was amazing, crystal clear with amazing options available with its quadruple lens system. I haven’t had the time for a more thorough review on this, but for sure you will get to see some of the amazng possibilities in the subsequent photos on my blog!

I love the quick charge capability and the phone also works super well with the Huawei quick charge car charger that I had purchased separately. I now can effectively charge in the car on the go! Hurray!

The screen is wonderful, going from edge to edge, and with wonderfully vibrant colours and many pretty themes you can use to customise the look. However, I still wish that they would have had an XL option. I want 6.8 inches or more!

All in all, I think this buy represents incredible value. In the ongoing China-USA trade war, this might be one of the last phones from Huawei to still have full android functionality, so grab it while it lasts!

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