Dads 4 Life!


This trip has been a challenging, and yet fruitful one. A daddy and his precious daughter, away from Singapore for 10 days, away from mommy and from baby son, even to the point of missing the son’s first birthday. It hasn’t been easy for the two of us, and neither for mommy and the handsome boy back home. But I think it has been worth it. Though I admit that I’m physically tired, but it has been an extremely valuable time of bonding between father and daughter. Alethea has grown emotionally stronger, although she does miss mommy badly, but she has learned to cope, and learned to play and interact with the other children on the trip, as well as to accept the love from the local people. I have come to love and appreciate my beloved daughter more. I know that God has a created in her a special character, that she has a purpose and a destiny. She has so many strong qualities, and yet her weaknesses are also clearly seen. She is going to be an irrepressible big sister. What a wonderful girl she is, and I’m already so proud of her. I’m also proud of my lovely wife who has had to suffer many sleepless nights missing the two of us while we are away. It definitely hasn’t been easy for her. But I pray and trust that God has been working in her life as well. I love her dearly, and of course I miss her and my handsome baby boy.



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