Hokkaido Winter Drive – Niseko to Lake Toya & Noboribetsu


The next morning, we enjoyed a wonderful buffet breakfast spread at the resort and watched with intrigue as the snow plough worked hard to keep the driveway clear of snow.

IMG_20171119_101127 (1).jpg

There were some incredibly brave souls who were determined to have a go at the ski slopes in spite of the hostile weather and the ski lifts not being in operation. They must have taken at least half an hour to trudge up the slopes and only 1 minute to ski down. Pretty hard work for a fleeting moment of pleasure.  It reminds me of how at amusement parks we have to wait 1 hour just to take a roller-coaster ride that lasts less than a minute. The lengths we humans go through to pursue our passions!

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After breakfast and when the weather calmed down a little, we set off for what would be the most entralling leg of our winter drive, heading towards the Noboribetsu Hot Springs.


Driving through the highlands that morning was truly magical, with the snow glistening in the morning sun.



At some points, save for the tire marks and the marking posts lining the sides of the road, it would be practically impossible to make out where the road ends and the fields begin. It simply looked like a single sheet of winter white, the colour of the ground perfectly matching that of the cotton clouds in the sky.

We reached Lake Toya around noon-time. Wow, what a scenic place!


Lake Toya is a volcanic caldera lake within the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. With its crystal clear waters and little islands in the middle, it is so beautiful that it is impossible to take a bad photograph!

After lunch we continued on our journey towards the Noboribetsu Hot Springs.

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