The Nine-Storey Stupa

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 40 (Khon Kaen)

We pay a visit to the majestic Phra Mahathat Kaen Nakhon, also known as the “Nine-Storey Stupa”. Located near Kaen Nakhon Lake, this Thai royal temple was established to celebrate the golden jubilee of King Bhumibol Adulyadej‘s accession to the throne and also to mark the 200th anniversary of the establishment of Khon Kaen Province.

After parking the car, we approach the stupa, already impressed by its beautiful curves in gold and red which seem to sparkle in the sunlight. Entrance to the temple is free, but donations are welcome.

The outer walkways are wide at the base, but get progressively narrower as we climb up its nine tiers. Inside the temple, devotees and monks go about their rituals. Each tier features artwork, carvings and artifacts which are of historical significance.

We make our way up the stupa, level by level, enjoying the displays and the view. The carvings on the inside and outside of the building are intricate, and coated with bright gold.

The doors and the walls tell the stories of Buddha and the monks of the region.

The higher levels give an amazing 360 degree view of the lake and the city. You can see for miles all around!

The kids enjoyed exploring the temple. They liked the view too, but they were more intrigued by the old typewriters and other appliances on display in the temple museum.

The ninth and highest level is pretty cramped, featuring a shrine where many visitors and monks pay their respects. Even if you are not a Buddhist, the climbs is well worth it!

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