Birthday Day Out!

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 39

Our Lion Cub, with his birthday being in December, never gets his birthday celebration in Singapore as we are always out of the country on our family holiday!

Because of this, we set aside this special day just for him. He will get to decide what to do, what to eat for dinner, and also choose his own birthday present!

We start off by enjoying time at the pool in the freezing cold water. The kids take time to get used to the cold temperature. It takes awhile, but eventually they are in the pool, trying to build up some body heat by moving around as much as they can.

Not wanting the kids to catch a cold, we don’t spend too much time in the cold water, jumping out and hurrying upstairs to freshen up and to prepare to go out for dinner.

Central Plaza Khon Kaen

We head out to the nearby Central Plaza Khon Kaen. This is a really good shopping centre and it is packed… hard to get a parking lot! Lots of shops with stuff at reasonable prices. Lots of food and entertainment options. Parking is free!

We gave our big boy the choice of dinner and he was so sweet, asking his little brother what he wanted to eat instead. These are the times when our boy can really melt our hearts with his generosity. We decide on The Pizza Company, one of our family favorites in Thailand.

The kids get a great activity sheet to work on while waiting for their meals to arrive. Really great to have kid-friendly restaurants like these that go the extra mile to welcome the children!

Even though it is our big boy’s birthday, it is our little boy that impresses us with his attention to detail, colouring the pizza intently, producing a work of art that would do an artist proud!

We have a great meal with something for everyone! The pizza is great, the pasta is great. Smiles all around the family table!

After dinner, we proceed to a cafe for a simple birthday celebration over a couple of slices of cake. No candles available, but we sing him a birthday song nonetheless.

We then head to the kid’s section at the department store for him to choose his birthday present. He decides on a Lego set, and the kids also get the bonus of a free hours play at the Lego table there, while we wait for our movie to start.

The movie of choice (actually, no choice because all the other shows are in Thai…) is Frozen II. Great show! Good story, good songs! All of us enjoyed it thoroughly, even the boys!

All in all, it was a nice day out at the shopping centre. My boy enjoyed his birthday day out, and so did the rest of the Lion family!

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