Drive from Chiang Khan to Khon Kaen

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 36

Our two nights at Chiang Khan pass way too soon, leaving us yearning for more. Perhaps it is because we had arrived late on the first night. The contrast of the meditative canvas of the Mekong in the morning and the enthralling energy of the Walking Street in the evening have firmly etched themselves into our minds.

We use the our remaining food coupons for our breakfast, before packing and and setting off on today’s journey. We have a comfortable four hour, 266km drive to Khon Kaen, one of the “Big Four” cities of the Isan region.

As we drive out of the Chiang Khan walking street, we say goodbye, and enjoy one last look at its charming wooden shop houses. Something tells me we will be coming back.

We drive down Route 201 towards Chiyaphum and then make a left turn and take the Route 12 towards Khon Kaen. It is a beautiful day for driving, with crystal clear skies and gorgeous countryside scenery.

In no time, we reach Khon Kaen province, and then Khon Kaen city, which gives us a huge dinosaur-sized welcome!

Apparently, the Isan region in North-east Thailand is famous for its dinosaurs, with many dinosaur fossils being found across the entire Korat Plateau where they were once plentiful. There is an interesting little dinosaur museum and a research centre in Phu Wiang, a town in Khon Kaen province which we actually passed on our journey today. If we had known about it beforehand, we would have paid it a visit.

Well, something to aim for on our next drive back to the region!

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