Chiang Khan Walking Street by Night

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 35 (Chiang Khan)

After a whole day of doing nothing much, walking around Chiang Khan just enjoying the view, we look forward to the evening. That is when the Chiang Khan walking street really comes to life.

As the sun begins to set, we see crowds gather to enjoy the view of the big orange ball of fire dipping behind the mountains with the Mekong River in the foreground. It is quite a sight, one which we enjoy from the comfort of our room balcony.

My kid’s suddenly let out a scream, and I jumped, wondering what had happened… I find out they have spotted an interesting guest chilling out at the foot of my chair. A huge moth with wings decorated in military colours. Very kick ass. That is one mean looking flying machine!

The sunset view is amazing, we marvel at the Creator’s breathtaking artistry of design.

After the sun goes down, the Chiang Khan walking street floods with people. Its amazing, where did all these people come from? In the day the street was so empty. Many of these people are Thai people who have traveled here just to experience this walking street. Thankfully, the street is wide and there is sufficient space to walk despite the great number of people there. The weather, the smells, and the architecture of the buildings there seem to transport us to somewhere much further north, in Taiwan, Korea or Japan. It was really fun to just walk down the street, soaking in the sights, the sounds and the smells!

There is plenty of street food to try, and we decide to go on a street food spending spree to try out some of the stuff that was available. We choose a little bit of everything that catches our eye, taking away so that we can enjoy the food later in the comfort of our hotel, away from the hustle and bustle of the street.

So plenty of seafood sticks, Thai style fried pancakes, stuffed french toast, sausages, veggie spring rolls, sushi and sashimi, tempura mushrooms…. lots of good stuff! There was something for everyone! Surprisingly, out of all the food we got, the sushi and sashimi was the best in quality and taste! We weren’t expecting to find such fresh tasting Japanese food along a Thai street market!

After a great meal, the kids and I head out again for another walk down the street, and another round of chocolate fondue treats!

Here is a little taste of what walking down the Chiang Khan Walking Street looks like!

Besides food, the shopping here is not bad too! Prices are reasonable, and I purchase a set of matching Chiang Khan T-shirts for me and my wife.

All in all, the street has lived up to its billing as a top attraction. I was skeptical at first when I first booked the hotel here, but now that we are here to experience it first hand, we can see why so many people have said so many good things about this place!

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