The Majestic Mekong

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 34

The Mekong, 12th longest river in the world, its 4350km length running through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Steeped in history, with so much of South-East Asia relying on it for sustenance, resources and trade through the years.

Chiang Khan is one of the many towns that line the majestic Mekong. It is a great place to appreciate the mystique and magic of this beautiful river. Running parallel to the Chiang Khan walking street is a great riverside walkway, really nicely done up and perfect for taking taking a scenic jog or a slow meaningful walk with your loved ones.

There are plenty of pretty places to take a photograph, with flowers, viewing platforms, and posing points complete with Thai text…

The riverside path is not too crowded, and so inviting that I must have walked down that stretch at least 3 times that day, twice with my family, and once more later in the afternoon on my own.

Across the river, the pretty little settlements and hills of Laos add flavour to the backdrop, and the cool weather in winter just makes it perfect for a serene stroll in the mid day sun!

As you can see, the kids enjoyed their time, just gazing out at the river, watching the waters flow and the birds circle above the waters.

They found plenty of places to fool around and take pictures.

Right at the end of the river walk, the pedestrian pathway gives way to what looked like a well-maintained cycle path, which I did not get to explore that day.

There was a play ground and a sand pit, where the kids enjoyed running around and having a good time of outdoor fun.

If I had the opportunity to come back here, I would definitely choose to spend a few more days to just relax in Chiang Khan, perhaps do a personal retreat. Every day, I would take this wonderful riverside walk, and maybe also try renting a bicycle to explore further downstream along that cycle path.

After we walk back to our hotel, we spend some time just sitting at our room balcony, doing up our blog while admiring the magnificent view. This is certainly a great place to reflect on the year that has passed, and to take stock of one’s life!

Later on in the afternoon, I go back down to jog along the riverside. At one end, the crowds are starting to build up, with the street buskers setting up their stations and street artists doing up instant portraits at the river side.

At the other end of the riverside walkway, a little girl sits under the umbrella of a sprawling tree, happily peeling her banana, while her mother prepares dinner in a makeshift kitchen at the side of the road. Oh… the simple joys of life.

As the sun rapidly descends in the west, I make my way back towards the hotel to freshen up, and to prepare for the spectacle of sunset. It has been a wonderful time spent just doing nothing much!

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