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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 32

I have to admit, when I first booked this room, I really wondered whether I had been overcharged. I had never been to Chiang Khan before, and all the accommodation options along the Chiang Khan Walking Street seemed to be super pricy. We booked a Triple Room at about US$105 per night, which was one of the most expensive stays of our entire trip.

When we finally reached the hotel that night, we were immediately bowled over by its charm. With its solid wood flooring and walls, it really oozed character, and felt a lot more like a boutique hotel rather than a hostel.

The location was great, smack in the middle of the Walking Street. The room we got was spacious enough in floor area, but lacked bed space. Even though we put down 2 adults and 3 kids, our triple room was just that… One king-sized bed and one single bed. It was a bit squeezy to fit our entire family, but we managed.

The best part about the room was the view. I guess this is the main reason why we had to pay so much. I have never spent so much time in the balcony of a hotel room before. From the photos you can see why… a picture perfect view of the Mekong River, so serene and enchanting, just like the scene of an Impressionist painting.

The view from our balcony is like a scene from an Impressionist painting!

The balcony was shielded from sunlight for the whole day, and it was very comfortable to hang out there in the cool weather. The kids enjoyed a warm cup of noodles. I worked on my blog. My wife enjoyed her time on her mobile apps.

Basking in the morning sun and taking a look at the activities along the walking street from the public balcony on the opposite side from our room.

This is really a good place to enjoy a slower pace of life and to do your reflection. I could camp at that balcony for days!

Isn’t it wonderful to wake up to this view?
Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow!

There is no breakfast at the hotel, but they give you these nostalgic wooden food cards to redeem for a meal at a nearby restaurant.

The breakfast food choices at the restaurant are limited, but tasty. However, the egg dish was a little too milky for our liking.

The walking street itself is an attraction in its own right. Having been to so many night markets and walking streets in Thailand, I have not come across one that evokes the same feeling. The wooden architecture of the buildings seem to transport you to a different time. The cool weather, dropping to a low of 8 degrees when we were there, evokes the feeling of winter which is completely unexpected for us in this part of the world.

Our Rating

  • Price: (6 / 10) At US$105 per night for a Triple Room. Really expensive in comparison to our other nights in Thailand.
  • Location: (11 / 10) Amazing location. Right in the middle of the atmospheric Chiang Khan Walking Street. One side you can enjoy the food and shopping along the street, on the other side you have incredible views of the Mekong River. The winter weather is fantastic, and you get the feeling that you are more in Taiwan, rather than in Thailand. The parking area is a little bit of a walk from the hostel, and closes at 10pm.
  • Condition: (10 / 10) The rooms are in pristine condition. Floorboards and walls made from solid wood. Very tasteful decor.
  • Food: (7 / 10) Generous food vouchers. Spread could be better.
  • Staff: (8 / 10) Staff were friendly and helpful.
  • Kid’s Rating (7.3 / 10): Little Baby Lion (3/10) “I didn’t like the wood and we didn’t finish the food” Little Lion Cub (10/10) “The hospitality was good” Little Lioness Cub (9/10) “The view was amazing”
  • Adult’s Rating (9.5 / 10): The Lion (10/10) “One of the most expensive rooms, but absolutely worth it for the experience of being somewhere special.” The Lioness (9/10) “Very near to the great walking street. Nice view! Clean room and well maintained.”
  • Overall: (8.5 / 10) This is a place where we definitely want to come back!

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