Enter the Twenties!

As the sun sets on 2019, we look back at the decade that has passed and we look forward the twenty twenties!

Lion Family gives thanks for:

  • Our three lovely cubs… We began the decade with a three month old daughter, and will end the decade with three lovely not-so-little ones. Each one of them is precious to us, each one with their little quirks. We couldn’t ask for more lovely children.
  • Being together. We began the decade with plenty of issues, and we will end the decade as a stable couple, albeit with still much to work on. Thanks to God for healing our old wounds, for leading and guiding us.
  • Memories. Our numerous trips as a family. We are generally frugal as a family. Travel is the only thing we splurge on. As a single income family to have had the opportunity to experience so much… we have to be extremely grateful for God’s provision.
  • Good health. Our kids have all had long stays in hospital, with our two boys having to go through operations at a young age. Thank God for keeping us in relatively good health.
  • Family and friends who have been our pillar of support through tough times. You know who you are. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!

The Lion’s Resolutions for 2020

  • Lose at least 5 kg by the end of the year. Health is wealth!
  • Be more focussed in church, work, and time with family. Every second is precious and needs to be maximised.
  • This next decade will be a crucial one for us as a family. By the end of the 2020s, our kids will be looking towards their higher education. We will need to be continually sowing into their lives to build up their character, enabling them to have the tools to chase their dreams. We will need to be financially secure. We will need to remain in good health. We need to be wiser in our spending and investments. We will need to continue to trust God to steer us away from possible pitfalls and to lead us into the right paths.

Thank you to all our Readers and Subscribers

It has been so satisfying to see the exponential growth in our readership over the past three years. Thanks for all you readers who have also emailed us to encourage us, to thank us for sharing our experiences. We are humbled that our simple little blog can have the capability to reach so many of you, to inspire all of us to live lives that are empowered and free! We appreciate all your support!

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