Review: Mae Win Guesthouse and Resort

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 30 (Mae Win)

We arrived late at the Mae Win Guesthouse and Resort because of our long eventful drive from Pang Mapha. Thankfully, the staff stayed up to wait for us and everything was ready, prepared for our arrival. It was a two bedroom unit with the rooms side by side in a cabin. The rooms were of a good side and both bedrooms had toilet facilities, unlike our previous night’s stay at Ban Keawmora where there was only one toilet to share between the two rooms.

The rooms were comfortable, spacious and clean. The owners were very hospitable, and in the morning, we had a sumptuous breakfast waiting for us… too much food for us to finish.

The restaurant was very pleasantly done up, with a mini ping pong table, and also guitars and ukuleles for guests to pick up and play.

The lady boss there spoke good English, and gave us great suggestions for what we can do around the area. If you had read the previous episode of the blog series, you would already know how helpful she was in contacting the rental company to get my flat tire situation sorted out.

This is definitely one guesthouse we would gladly come back to!

Our Rating

  • Price: (10 / 10) Two bedroom bungalow at US$100.40 for 2 nights with breakfast. That’s the definition of value for money.
  • Location: (7/ 10) The location is good for those who are looking for a place to take a quiet retreat. There are lots of elephant camps in the vicinity and it is a shorter drive to Doi Inthanon from here compared to if you travel from Chiang Mai. The weather here was COLD especially in the mornings. It felt like about 5 degrees at dawn. Even I was shivering.
  • Condition: (7 / 10) The rooms were in good condition. No creaky floorboards here and the beds were comfortable. The shower heater is an instant gas heater which worked very well on the first night, but on the second night, it wasn’t working… the gas supply seemed to have been cut. We all had to shower in freezing cold water. That wasn’t fun.
  • Food (9 / 10) The breakfast was amazing, so much better than what we had at Ban Keawmora. The spread was amazing and the people were so hospitable. They kept bringing out more and more food.
  • Staff: (10 / 10) I cannot speak highly enough about the staff. They took care of our kids so well, and they really helped me sort out the issues with the flat tire. Really a lifesaver, kudos!!
  • Kid’s Rating (10 / 10): Little Baby Lion (10/10) “The aunty was so nice to us” Little Lion Cub (10 /10) “Good hospitality, and the I loved the doggy!” Little Lioness Cub (10 /10) “I liked the nice doggy who saved me from danger from another nasty doggie”
  • Adult’s Rating (8 / 10): The Lion (9/10) “Thank you for being so hospitable to my family and for helping to call the rental company!” The Lioness (7/10) “The hosts were very friendly. The fried chicken we ordered for dinner was yummy!”
  • Overall: (8.5 / 10) We were unanimous in saying that we would like to come back here the next time we are around the area.

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