Drive from Pang Mapha to Mae Win

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 24

I knew that today would be a long drive, but I didn’t anticipate just how long it would actually be. Google maps initially said 245km, but in reality what we actually did was a longer 292km route instead, because we didn’t feel confident taking the left turn into the unpaved country road from Route 1088 towards Mae Win, so we opted to go around via Route 1192 and 1284. We were also set back because we took a detour to Long Neck Village after Mae Hong Son and we had some issues with the car, which I would share about later. This would turn out to be an eventful day of driving.

The first thing on the agenda for the day is to drive to the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce to get our Certificate of Conquest to mark our achievement of surviving the 1864 curves of the Mae Hong Son Loop.

A random valley scene. I just had to stop to take a panorama shot

Thank goodness we navigated the left and rights without much fuss, again winding down the windows so that my daughter gets fresh air and doesn’t succumb to motion sickness.

Along the way, there are plenty of great places to stop to take photos, and marvel at the beautiful scenery all around. One such spot is the Pang Mapha Viewpoint.

Great views from the Pang Mapha Viewpoint

After taking some photos at the viewpoint, we set off again, Another hour’s drive and we reach the Mae Hong Son Chamber of Commerce, just opposite the main Post Office. The certificate booth is easily recognisable with the myriad of stickers adorning its outer walls. There is also plenty of parking… very convenient place to stop.

There are three designs to choose from. Each printed certificate is THB60, and the stickers are THB40 each.

After getting the certificate printed, we celebrate with selfies!

what’s with all the pukey faces?

We then leave our car parked at the Chamber of Commerce and proceed to a nearby restaurant for lunch. We choose 77 House’s Wine, Coffee & Foods.

The food was delicious, a good spread of both Western and Thai cuisine available on the menu. Prices were also reasonable. We would highly recommend! Every one of us loved our lunch choices!

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