Review: Ban Keawmora

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 23 (Pang Mapha)

After the Land Split, we drive on for another hour or so, and arrive at our guesthouse just as the sky was getting dark. It took us quite a bit of trouble to find the right place to go, as the compound seems to be on both sides of the road, but eventually, we found the right people to guide us.

Our accommodation is a huge house set beside the river. The two bedrooms are upstairs, and very big, but only one bathroom. You can hear the constant gushing of the water from the river in the background, which gives a rather soothing feeling. My wife thought that it was raining! It was a bit hard to get the temperature of the water right in the bathroom, and the WIFI was a bit spotty. I guess these are the things we have to expect in an accommodation which is a little off the beaten track.

We ordered dinner, and the food took awhile to arrive. The quality was just passable and nothing more. We chose the American Breakfast option for breakfast, and what we got was french fries, porridge, and 3/4 boiled eggs. Needless to say, the kids were sorely disappointed.

The next morning, we had the chance to explore the surroundings a little more before we checked out. There is actually an outdoor snooker table, where you can have a game while feeding the mosquitoes beside the river.

The playground is also decent, with a seesaw and swings for the kids. The kids also enjoyed their little walk by the riverside.

The river runs beside the guesthouse

Our Rating

  • Price: (10 / 10) At US$45.40 for 1 night with breakfast for a huge house covering 70 m², it was very good value for money.
  • Location: (6 / 10) Not a great location, but we were not really interested in that as we were only staying here for one night.
  • Condition: (7 / 10) The rooms are in reasonable condition. There are some interesting facilities to enjoy, but we didn’t really have the time to take advantage of them.
  • Food: (6 / 10) Dinner portion was big, but the taste was just so-so. Breakfast was supposed to be American Breakfast, but it turned out nothing like what it was supposed to be.
  • Staff: (6 / 10) Staff don’t speak English very well. It wasn’t easy to communicate.
  • Kid’s Rating (4.3 / 10): Little Baby Lion (3/10) “The porridge was not nice” Little Lion Cub (5/10) “We had difficulties with the TV and the floorboards were creaky” Little Lioness Cub (5/10) “The food wasn’t great”
  • Adult’s Rating (4 / 10): The Lion (5/10) “Okay to stay one night, but we won’t be dying to come back” The Lioness (3/10) “A lot of mosquitoes and hard for me to get up the stairs”
  • Overall: (6 / 10) Good enough for a one night stay, nothing more…

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