Pai Land Split

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 22 (Pai)

From Pai Canyon, it is a short 5km drive to the Land Split.

This is a very unique geological feature, on a farm, where seismic activity from an earthquake in 2008 has caused severe separations in the ground. The enterprising farmer has turned the feature into a tourist attraction, entertaining visitors and serving them a variety of fruits and drinks that have been grown on their land. Their papaya, sweet potato, banana, tamarind and roselle have been farmed organically, free from the use of any chemical fertiliser or pesticide.

Amazingly, their hospitality is offered completely free of charge, relying only on the donations from the visitors to offset the cost. We found the farmers family to be amazingly genuine and full of kindness.

Besides seeing the split, there are plenty of other “toys” for the kids and adults to play with, and we will cover these after we take a look around the split!

We first have to walk up a small hill, taking care not to lose our footing.

The first view of the split is rather underwhelming… It looks like just a tall crack in the ground, and nothing much. Then the crack gets wider and wider, and you can actually see how far down it goes.

Then, just when you think that the experience is all over and you have to turn back, you get led by the signs to navigate a different downward descent. This part is a bit tricky if you have small kids, but we managed to do it with some care.

That path leads you to where you get the chance to actually walk through the split! This was definitely the most interesting and surreal part of the whole experience.

You get the feeling like you are Indiana Jones or Dora the Explorer, exploring a secret path in the jungle. flanked by vegetation and cliffs on both sides.

The kids definitely enjoyed this walk… they don’t get to see geological features like this back home. It was also a manageable level of difficulty for them. Not too easy, but not too difficult… and much safer for them here than at Pai Canyon.

My daughter scraped her elbow, and my kids got their bums dirty with sand, but that’s about all! We completed the entire route in 30 minutes, then we went back to the welcome hut at the front gate and were offered a good spread of food and drink by the kind farmer.

He went out of his way to engage the kids, and showing them how to play with the go-cart, which I had to pull all the way to the top of the slope for the kids. There was also this interesting see saw that can be rotated through 360 degrees.

The kids were happily playing outdoors with all the fun apparatus. A good change from being engrossed with digital gadgets.

We had already given a donation, but after all the fun at the farm and the wonderful hospitality of the farmer, I gave each of the kids some additional cash to make a second donation. He really deserved it!

If you are in the Pai area, do pay the Land Split a visit! Your experience will be so much more enriched than just seeing a crack in the ground! You can hear it directly from the kids>>>

  • Value for Money (10/10): Free entrance, but please support this wonderful farmer and donate generously! His hospitality is first class!
  • Quality of Experience (9/10): It started off very underwhelming, then it just got better and better, especially when we got the chance to walk through the inside of the split! The genuineness and kindness of the farmer makes this experience stand out! You can really feel his warmth.
  • The Kids Loved It (10/10): Little Baby Lion 10/10 “I liked the go-cart, the see-saw and the swing!”; Little Lion Cub 10/10 “It was fun to go inside the Land Split and explore”; Little Lioness Cub 10/10 “The flowers were nice. The farmer was very nice to us. I like him a lot!”
  • The Adults Loved It: (8.5/10): It was a great experience. The kids got a chance to get dirty, but in a relatively safe environment. We enjoyed the time thoroughly
  • Memories Created (8.5/10): Plenty of great photos and videos!
  • Crowds (8.5/10): It wasn’t too crowded.
  • OVERALL RATING(9/10) I would highly recommend. Travel is not just about sight-seeing, but about meeting new people. The farmer and his family are a shining example of all the best qualities of the people from the Land of Smiles!

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