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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 12 (Khao Kho)

I loved the dinosaurs and the people who made them were creative in making them so realistic.

Little Lioness cub

After our visit to the weapons museum, we still had some time before sunset. I did some Googling on my phone and found that the dinosaur park wasn’t too far away and the reviews seem to be generally positive. We quickly got into our car and did the 15 minute, 8 kilometre drive there.

The park’s entrance is certainly very attractive and inviting, and the tickets were very reasonably priced at THB100 for adults and THB50 for children.

The exhibits are very well done up, with plenty of good places to take photographs. The entrance to the park already threatens to swallow us whole!

We all get eaten up, and transported into a land filled with the ancient dinosaurs!

We start off with the bare bones…

then as we delve deeper and deeper into the park, everything slowly comes to life!

Many of panels with great illustrations of the dinosaurs but all in Thai
Nice display of all the different dinosaurs on land and in the air!

After walking through a long maze of panels, we emerge into the main park area, where the dinosaur models have grown from the miniatures in the display case into life-sized ones… and whats more… THEY MOVE!

With the little movements and the sounds, the dinosaurs really seem to come to life, not to the extent of Jurassic Park, but close enough!

I loved the park because it had a walking dinosaur and had so many facts that we can learn about the dinosaurs… Too bad it was only in Thai and not English.

Little Lion Cub

There is one particular specimen, however, that definitely has a life of its own, walking around the park, terrorising and delighting the kids in equal measure! This guy sure has a sense of humour, and he managed to get great reactions from the kids and even the adults! It even accepted a tip from a happy mother in cheeky fashion….

Overall, it was a great time we had, the whole park can be covered in about 90 minutes. Your kids can basically run around by themselves, but do watch out because even though it is not that big an area, it is still possible for you to lose your little ones. (which is what happened to my little boy)

I like the dinosaur park but it was very huge and I got lost.

Little baby lion

There is a little hedge maze in the middle with some nice flowers, and you end of the whole experience by walking through a dino dungeon before hopefully emerging unscathed into the dino shop.

  • Value for Money (9/10): THB100 for adults and THB50 for children. Well worth the money spent and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
  • Quality of Exhibits (7/10): Exhibits were engaging, especially those that came to life and that special one that could walk around and terrorise the kids. It would have been better if there were more displays that were translated to English for us foreigners.
  • The Kids Loved It (10/10): Little Lioness Cub (10/10) “The walking dinosaur was scary and funny” ; Little Lion Cub (9/10) “I got to take a picture with the walking dinosaur and it bit my ear” ; Little Baby Lion (10/10) “I could see my favorite Triceratops!”
  • The Adults Loved It: (8.5/10): It was very fun for me to laugh at my kids getting scared by the dinosaurs. Yes sounds very cruel of this Daddy to say that, but there you go… 😛
  • Memories Created (9/10): I actually watched the 5 minute video I took of the park and kept laughing as I remembered the experience. Definitely memorable for both the adults and the kids.
  • Crowds (8.5/10): Not crowded at all, but not empty either.
  • OVERALL RATING(8.5/10): It was great fun. A good way to spend 90 minutes of our time!

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