Visit to the Weapon Museum

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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 11 (Khao Kho)

After tea, we head back to Khao Kho town and take a look at the Weapon Museum which is about a 17 minute drive from the town centre along some really lovely country roads.

Love the exhibits, especially the planes! We had a swinging good time…

Little lioness cub

This is a rather small compound and an easy walk for the kids. Entrance fee is negligible at THB10 for adults and the kids manage to get in free of charge. The museum is outdoors and features the remnants of old helicopters, fighter jets and artillery guns. To be honest, the exhibits are not in great condition and there is only limited hardware on display. Hardcore military fanatics might be greatly disappointed here. But if your goal is to entertain the kids and get them to see something different, and at a reasonable cost, then you would definitely appreciate this place.

There are plenty of photo opportunities and the view from the compound is great on both sides. The kids love playing at the giant swings and exploring the military bunkers, shooting imaginary bullets and artillery shells.

Surprisingly, my daughter loved role-playing at the machine guns. My eldest son enjoyed looking at the armoured vehicles.

Expect to spend about 30 to 45 minutes here max.

I like the weapons museum because got a lot of tanks and things to learn…

Little baby lion
Swinging to a great view!
  • Value for Money (10/10): THB10 to entertain the kids for an hour. Great value!
  • Quality of Exhibits (5/10): The exhibits could have been more extensive and the explanations could have been more engaging.
  • The Kids Loved It (8/10): Little Baby Lion 10/10 “because of the guns”; Little Lion Cub 5/10 “the museum was too small”; Little Lioness Cub 8/10 “I like the planes there”
  • The Adults Loved It: (6.5/10): A reasonably nice place to walk around, enjoy the weather and entertain the kids.
  • Memories Created (6/10): Definitely unique compared to the other attractions in the area, but I reckon other places would be more memorable than this museum.
  • Crowds (8/10): Quite empty. I like!
  • OVERALL RATING(6.5/10) Quite polarizing to rate, could easily be a place you love or a place you would rather give a miss for other more worthy places of interest.

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