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Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 10 (Khao Kho)

After the visit to Wat Pha Sorn Kaew, we proceed further up the mountain for tea at the Pino Latte cafe, at the recommendation of one of our Road Trips – Asia group mates. Really grateful that we can tap on the collective wisdom of this awesome group of Road Trip-aholics as it was really an awesome tip!

Panorama from the Pino Latte cafe

What an incredible view from the cafe. There was a huge crowd at the cafe, but we were fortunate to get a table with a great view outdoors at the vantage point. We had a great time sitting there, savouring our cakes and soaking in the sights of the majestic temple in the valley below amidst the beautiful backdrop of the mountains.

The cakes and food were on the pricy side. We chose 4 slices of cake to share and paid THB760, even more expensive than eating at Coffee Bean in Singapore!

Thankfully the cakes were rather tasty, making the prices more easy to swallow. The presentation was very artistically done, with attention to the small details. I guess you pay for the quality and the view! On balance, the whole experience was well worth what we paid for the food.

Plenty of places to take that perfect Instagram shot!
  • Price: (7 / 10) Not cheap at all. You are paying for the view and for the overall experience.
  • Taste: (8 / 10) Our 4 cakes tasted great and with lovely presentation.
  • Drinks: (NA) We didn’t order drinks, so I can’t comment.
  • Environment: (9/ 10) Amazing view and weather, perfect to just sit all day to have a chat or to reflect on life.
  • Overall: (8 / 10) I would definitely recommend coming here but watch the damage to your wallet!

This place, we are told, has awesome sunrise views. Even though the cafe opens only later in the morning for breakfast, many people come early to catch a wonderful sunrise experience here. The great thing is that there is ample parking at the multistory car park across the road from the cafe.

Sun gets in your eyes…

We planned to come back the next morning to catch that sunrise, but in the end, we decided to save it for a future trip because we had a long day’s drive to Chiang Mai ahead of us. Well, it is good to leave something for us to want to come back to Khao Kho and do!

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