Sunrise at Khao Takhian Ngo

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2019 Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 8 (Khao Kho)

One of the best things you can do at Khao Kho is to chase the sunrise. There are many spots you can go to. You have to wake up early to find a good car park sport, and also hope that you get cooperative weather for the best shots. The alternative is to just embrace the wild and camp overnight at the many available campsites, so that you can reserve your preferred spot from the night before.

I am not really a fan of camping, and so I wake up early, about 5:30am. I try to wake up my kids, but it was all in vain, so I set off on my own.

The plan was to head nearby, a 20 minute drive from my hotel to the Khao Takhian Ngo Scenic Spot. Thankfully, there are sufficient car park spots when I arrive. I take the short walk up the hill to the view point. There are already many people there and some have been camping overnight.

The sunrise starts with a glow of light peaking over the horizon. It is nice to just be still, reflect and pray, and to enjoy the sights and sounds of dawn!

Then the arc of the fireball starts to be visible, rising up from behind the mountain backdrop.

As it rises, there is a pretty sunburst, with the orange rays of light piercing through the distant skies. It is a pity that today, we didn’t get the famous “sea of clouds” effect in the valley below. I didn’t get lucky with the weather 😛

Life goes on, I go on taking shots with the rising sun!

By 7am, the magic is over, it is time to head back down the hill to pick up the car and have breakfast with my family.

quite short walk up to the viewpoint

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