Review: Tonkho at Home, Khao Kho

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2019 Thailand Fly & Drive – Part 7 (Khao Kho)

When your previous night’s stay is a Marriott two-bedroom apartment with full facilities and luxurious fittings, it is definitely a bit of a contrast to spend the next night in a basement family room of a family run motel. However, we always believe that it is important that our kids experience both ends of the spectrum when we travel as a family. We don’t want them to take the luxuries of a 5 star hotel for granted. They need to know how to live simply and to appreciate whatever blessings that come their way!

However, Tonkho@Home does have its selling points. How many other accommodations can boast a breakfast view as scenic as this one? Cool air, shielded from the morning sun, it is a great place to sit, take your time to enjoy your breakfast and relax! The breakfast is simple, yet awesome… tastes so yummy and homecooked. The porridge is amazing!

Great breakfast!
Awesome view of the valley below!

We booked Room Number 8 – the family room, for US$159.30 for 2 nights with breakfast. The room itself is sufficient for our needs, but nothing much to shout about.

Our room after we had swept through it like a tornado!

Outside, there are some nice swings and decorations for the kids to explore.

Our Rating

  • Price: (6.5 / 10) Not cheap, but reasonably priced, I guess, considering the location.
  • Location: (11 / 10) An amazing breakfast view, and an awesome place to catch the sunset too!
  • Condition: (7 / 10) The rooms was livable, but nothing more.
  • Breakfast: (9 / 10) Simple and yet awesome! Love it!
  • Staff: (7 / 10) Staff don’t speak English, but they have an awesome service attitude. They are well-versed in using the phone translator to communicate.
  • Overall: (8 / 10) We would come back here, in a heartbeat. My youngest son, however, rated the hotel a ONE out of ten. Haha. He’s got a different measuring stick for sure!

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