Sara Jane’s @ The Empire Place

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2019 Thailand Fly & Drive Blog Series – Part 4

We don’t use (the maggots) to prepare our meals…

Lady boss at Sara jane’s

After our night at Ibis Styles, we grab a GRAB, and head for the Marriott Vacation Club apartments at The Empire Place condominium. This is our home away from home, and we will be putting up here for three nights before renting our car to explore Thailand.

This place brings back many happy memories for us. We enjoy just taking things easy here and enjoying the facilities… the gym, the swimming pool, the DVD library. There’s great food available nearby at very reasonable prices. Our first meal is normally at Sara Jane’s restaurant just next to the condo, which serves great Western and Thai food at reasonable prices. (Just don’t order the Tom Yum Soup… my wife says! We prefer the clear type and the restaurant serves the milky version)

Sara Jane’s Restaurant

We’ve been to Sara Jane’s restaurant so many times, but we have never seen this… A huge glass cylinder at the payment counter half-filled with rice, and… and… and… infested with THOUSANDS of creepy crawlies feasting themselves.

I would have never noticed it if my daughter hadn’t let out a little shriek when she realised just what she was standing next to.

I ask the lady boss what that jar was for, and she explained that it was for good luck, so that the restaurant would be blessed with good business. She remarked, “Don’t worry, we don’t use the maggots to prepare our meals.”

That makes me SO RELIEVED. (Sarcasm detected?)

Seriously, the food is great, and yes we don’t find any creepies hiding in the food.

Our Ratings

  • Price: (7 / 10) THB1015 for our dinner for five. Reasonable, considering we are smack in the financial centre of Bangkok.
  • Taste: (8 / 10) We order the Pork Fried Rice, Tom Yum Prawn, Chicken Massaman Curry, Seafood Yum, Seafood Spaghetti and Roasted Pork (not pictured). Just don’t order the Tom Yum Soup! This is my wife’s yearly regret, and she always forgets this and orders it again so this time, I need to make sure I put it down in this blog so we can remind ourselves. The great thing for us here is that there are many kids-friendly items available on the menu like Fish and Chips and Spaghetti.
  • Drinks: (NA) We didn’t order drinks.
  • Environment: (9 / 10) There is a convenient parking area for drivers and riders. There is an indoor and outdoor section so you can decide where you fancy. The outdoor section is shielded from the noise and pollution from the main road. Normally we prefer indoors, but this time we choose to “tabao” back to our apartment so that we can enjoy dinner and our lovely apartment at the same time.
  • Overall: (8 / 10) Some would say you can find much better food elsewhere. I’m sure you can, but for us, when you factor in the convenience, the price and the taste, we have been quite happy to come back here every year! I really wonder if that jar of maggots will still be there the next time we visit the place….