Heading Home

Cameron Highlands Brothers Drive – Part 13

All good things must come to an end. It was an action packed three days, and now it is time for us to head home. Although it was a short trip, it was rather meaningful for us as brothers. It has been years since we last spent this sort of quality time together, and after going on this trip, it has solidified the feeling that we did not want to wait another 30 years to take our next trip together as a family!

After quickly packing up and checking out of our hotel in the morning, we head towards Tanah Rata to have our breakfast at Uncle Chow’s Kopitiam.

This restaurant has been our family favorite since our first trip to Cameron Highlands. Uncle and Aunty Chow have seen our kids grow up year after year!

The food here is tasty and Uncle and Aunty do such an awesome job entertaining the guests, adding much character to the whole breakfast experience. The food standards have admittedly dropped a little in our recent visits, but overall still a very enjoyable place to spend the morning in the fresh Cameron Highlands air.

Cameron Bharat plantation

After breakfast, we take a quick stop at the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation for some photos, before making our way down the mountains via the windy Tapah route.

From two brothers on day 1 to three brothers on day 4!

It is such a luxury for me to be able to share the wheel with another driver. Normally, I do most of my road trips as a solo driver. As much as I love to drive, it is good to be able to take turns and get some rest. It also means that we make very swift progress back down the E1, the E6 and then the E2 back towards Johor Bahru.

Many awesome conversations along the way back!

Thank God for a smooth and safe drive with no major incidents. We arrive at JB in good time, and so we cap off our trip with Dim Sum tea at Changman restaurant at Bukit Indah, at the recommendation of my brother. The food was yummy!

This brings our awesome trip to an end, Do look out for my upcoming blog series and to browse my other write-ups. Thanks for reading!

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