Last Dinner – Jasmine Cafe@Tanah Rata

Cameron Highlands Brothers Drive – Part 12

The Popular Smoked Duck

Last night’s dinner at Cameron Highlands before we head back home, and we choose to eat at the Jasmine Cafe at Tanah Rata.

  • Price: (6 / 10) Not cheap, but not super expensive either.
  • Taste: (8 / 10) All our mains were tasty and well prepared, but the Smoked Duck was the most unique, well worth a try! The fries could have been nicer though.
  • Drinks: (NA) We didn’t order drinks, so I can’t comment.
  • Environment: (8 / 10) Nice place to chill and to hang out. The cafe attracts an international crowd so you can meet people from all over the world just by being here.
  • Overall: (7.5 / 10) Pretty good choice overall. Good food, good environment, good treat for us on our last night here!
Chicken Chop
Fish Steak

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