Small in Numbers, Big in Heart

2019 has been an amazing year with the Hillgrove Chorale. The choir has gone from strength to strength, showing strong signs of growth. Even though we did not get that elusive Distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation, all who have followed the journey of the choir over the past 10 years noted the marked improvement in the level of their performance.

We are singing more difficult repertoire, learning the songs faster than before, and putting up commendable performances in spite of the challenges that we face.

Today, we ended 2019 by performing four songs at the annual Hillgrove Appreciation Concert, learning three of them at very short notice. It was a good mix of a cappella, accompanied, and we put in some basic movements, and acting out some parts of the songs, which we have never done before. We had about 25 performers only, with only 5 upper secondary students. Yet, we managed to sing mostly in four vocal parts. We made the most out of the terrible accoustics in the school hall. The kids were united, committed to the task at hand.

Yes, there is still a long road ahead, but I look towards the future with great optimism. These kids have been such a blessing to teach. I look forward to every practice with them.

I thank God for the opportunity to go back to Hillgrove. It has been amazing for me to see how much the performing arts culture has grown in the school. I feel proud to have been involved in laying the foundations as the first Aesthetics Head of the school 10 years back. I feel blessed and grateful to see how the teachers and leaders that have followed me have taken the school arts scene forward and growing from strength to strength. Long may it continue!