Lower Secondary – Normal (Academic) Stream

Starting Point – After his Sec 1 midyear exams where he scored 25.8%

From a starting point of 26% after the Secondary 1 mid year exams, the only direction you should be going is up. Sometimes it takes a while, sometimes there is an immediate improvement. It really depends.

After half a year – 53% for the year end examinations

For this student, after a few months, there was already a significant improvement as I tackled his misconceptions about the various topics. He practically doubled his score, with a 53% in the year end examinations. There was still a whole lot of carelessness though, and this needed a bit more time to sort out.

After one full year – 87% for Sec 2 mid year exams

Secondary 2 mid-year exams, after taking him for just one full year, he achieved an incredible score of 87%. Math went from being his worst subject to his best subject. Everything seemed to come into place.

After 1.5 years – 78% for year end exams

Secondary 2 year end exam, alas he wasn’t able to maintain those lofty heights, but he consolidated his grades with another A1.