Math Student – Case Study 2

Secondary 1 – Normal (Academic) Stream

From worst subject in PSLE to best subject in Sec 1

I started teaching Student Y from the beginning of this year. He had scored a C grade for Math at his Primary School Leaving Examinations, and Math was his worst subject. He had a previous Math tutor, but the chemistry wasn’t right between them, and his morale for Math was rather low.

Working with him, I realised that he was a child who thrives on encouragement and belief. I worked to build up his confidence, praising him for the little things that he did right, and to explain to him math concepts using different approaches for him to have a fuller understanding of what he was up against.

I quickly found that he responded very well to me, and he worked hard to improve, quickly becoming one of the top Math students in his class.

At the year-end examinations, he scored 77%, qualifying him for Subject-Based Banding to take Math at the Express Level from Secondary 2. Math was the only subject that he qualified for SBB.

Again, the parent was full of praise, thanking me for helping him improve and to build up his confidence in the subject. Always nice to have happy parents showing their appreciation!

I need to make it clear that every child is different, and it doesn’t mean that I will always be this successful in effecting an improvement in results. Much also depends on the chemistry between teacher and student. I am, however, confident in my ability to positively impact almost every child I work with.

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