Math Student – Case Study 1

Lower Secondary (Express Stream)

Initial Results – Secondary 1 (Mid Year)

I started teaching Student X privately from the middle of 2018, after he had received his Sec 1 midyear grades. He had failed his Math exam by 1 mark.

He was weak in his computation and visualisation ability, and tended to lose many marks due to carelessness. However, he was diligent, and worked hard under my guidance to improve in his weak areas.

Secondary 1 (End Year)

By the end of the year, he had improved tremendously, scoring an A1 for his CA2, but a slightly disappointing B4 for the year-end examinations. An improvement of 3 grades in half a year is cause for celebrations, but I say slightly disappointing because he was still rather careless in giving away many easy marks.

Secondary 2 (Mid Year)

In the first half of Sec 2, further improvements were made, and he achieved a 69% for his mid year examinations. Again, this was despite a fair number of careless mistakes.

Secondary 2 (End Year)

In the second half of his Secondary 2 year, he continued to work hard, reducing his carelessness. He was rewarded with an excellent 80% for his year-end examinations.

In 1.5 years, he improved from 49% (D7) to 80% (A1), and qualified to do Additional Mathematics in Secondary 3. We are all extremely proud of his achievements, and much of it was due to his consistent hard work in addressing his misconceptions and putting into practice techniques to reduce the risk of the occurrence of careless mistakes. I had to explain to him the concepts in a way that was easy for him to visualise and understand how the mathematics work.

At our lesson yesterday, the mother came up to me and thanked me with such a sincere look of gratitude, it almost brought a tear to my eye.

This is what I work for, the feeling of having made a difference to someone’s life!

I need to make it clear that every child is different, and it doesn’t mean that I will always be this successful in effecting an improvement in results. Much also depends on the chemistry between teacher and student. I am, however, confident in my ability to positively impact almost every child I work with.

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