Cameron Highlands Brothers Drive – Evening Entertainment

Cameron Square Mall

After emerging back onto the main road after a 2 hour walk in and out of the tea estate, we explore the Cameron Square Mall just across the road. Don’t expect too much here, but at least there are some options for dinner – Old Town White Coffee, Teh Tarik Place. After our afternoon walk, we were tired, but not hungry just yet, as we had taken a bite at the Tea Centre. We decide to take a look around the place first, before dinner.

There are some small souvenir shops for us to browse, nothing really very out of the ordinary. On level two, you can find the 3D Art Museum, a Public Gym and an amusement arcade.

When we saw the arcade, we just couldn’t resist. I don’t remember when we last we played the arcade machines as brothers. This was certainly a blast from the past… very nostalgic. At just RM1 per token, it is great value for money! We purchase some tokens and begin pitting our skills against each other. Very soon, we come to the realisation that my brother is better at the one-on-one fighting type of games and that I was the better player at the aircraft shooter type of games.

After using up all our tokens, we calm ourselves down from the excitement and proceed downstairs for our dinner.

We decide to try Teh Tarik Place, and we are pleasantly surprised at the tastiness of the food. Definitely a better choice of a meal compared to what we had for Brunch!

Teh Tarik Place

  • Price: (7 / 10) Reasonably priced, especially after you factor in the environment and the quality of food.
  • Taste: (8 / 10) I had the Ayam Masak Merah, and it was delicious, full of tasty local spices!
  • Drinks: (7 / 10) Nicely prepared, but too sweet, even after ordering “kurang manis”.
  • Environment: (7 / 10) Comfortable furnishings, but because of the semi-open concept, the food tends to attract the attention of opportunistic flies from outside.
  • Overall: (7 / 10) Definitely worth coming back.

After dinner, we find this deserted cuesports club just outside our hotel. The building looked like a ghost-town and it took us awhile to figure out if the club was open or closed. The whole club was dark with most of the snooker tables inside covered with canvas, with no one to be seen inside. Finally we pluck up our courage and check, and we find the attendant hiding behind the counter.

The pricing was very reasonable, just RM15 for one hour of play, and we decide to give it a go. Not much else to do around these parts anyway in the evenings.

It turned out to be an enjoyable session! The equipment provided is passable, and there is a nice view out of the windows, before the sun sets πŸ˜›

Both our cueing actions need a bit of work. Luckily the place was deserted, if not, people will be secretly laughing at how bad we were playing!

You Never Get Bored with Board Games and Good Company!

After pool, it is back to our hotel room to reminisce the good old times over some board games. As kids, we spent much of our time bonding in this way, and before our other brother joins us on the trip, we get to refresh our memories on how to play some of these games!

In Part 8, I share about our cheeky rendezvous with our missing brother at the Sultan Azlan Shah Airport in Ipoh!

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