Road Tripping with the Lion

Here are the guidelines should you wish to follow the Lion on a road trip:

  1. The Lion enjoys fellowship – This is why we are opening up our road trips to others, especially to those who haven’t previously done the SG-TH drive. We do not ask for anything in return. Just enjoy yourselves and enjoy the company.
  2. The Lion drives at “medium” pace. – His average speed on the highways is close to the official speed limit. Please be prepared to keep up the pace. We cannot afford to drive slowly because we need to cover up to 600km per day.
  3. The Lion sets off early from Singapore – He doesn’t like being caught in jams, and that’s why he chooses to start his road trips at 5am or earlier. No jam at Woodlands or Tuas and we can cover loads of ground before dawn.
  4. The Lion books his hotels way in advance – He takes advantage of his hotel memberships and early booking discounts. Please feel free to make your own choices with regards to accommodation. Although it will be nice to stay at the same hotels, this is not a must! In general, please be prepared to make your own hotel bookings, but if you want us to help you book to take advantage of my membership offers, kindly pay us in full beforehand. I cannot guarantee I would always be able to get you the same prices as what we have. πŸ˜›
  5. The Lion is patient but he doesn’t like to be late – Please seek to meet at the rendezvous point by the agreed time. When travelling in a group, we need to respect each other’s time. We understand that at times, there would be situations that get in the way of timeliness, but please don’t make it a habit and take our patience for granted.
  6. The Lion is flexible – The Lion does not micro-manage. The Lion is not your tour guide. We will drive with you and lead the convoy from one town to the next, but don’t expect us to manage and plan everything in your itinerary. Every family is different. Feel free to eat where we eat and to visit the same attractions as us, but don’t be obliged to do so. You can figure out your own plans based on your own preferences. We also understand that not everybody can join us for the full length of our trips. so please feel free to join us on our drive into Thailand and to break away from the convoy and make your own way back to Singapore.
  7. The Lion will not be held liable for any mishaps – We go on these trips fully responsible for our own safety and for the safety of our vehicle. The Lion cannot be held responsible should there be unforeseen mishaps or accidents.
  8. The Lion believes in inclusiveness – He travels with 3 kids and a wife who has been affected by Cerebral Palsy from birth. If you do not have an open mind and a kind heart, please do not road trip with us.

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