Review – Copthorne Hotel, Cameron Highlands

From our brunch stop at Tanah Rata, it is just a short 15 minute drive to Kea Farm, where the iconic Copthorne Hotel sits.

This grand old dame sits at the top of a hill at Kea Farm, and for many years has greeted all the visitors to Cameron Highlands who come up from the northern Simpang Pulai route. From its vantage point, the hotel boasts some magnificent views. We might not have had the best angle from our room, but it is still a wonderful sight to be able to look out at the countryside for miles and miles, especially in the morning as the sun rises.

The view from our room balcony at the Copthorne Hotel

The hotel itself is not in great condition given its age. It has an old, dated feel, and is in desperate need of some major renovations to refresh its looks and furnishings. We didn’t have the time to check out the gym, the heated indoor pool or the other facilities, so we cannot comment on these.

The best thing about the hotel is its location, just a stone’s throw from the entrance of the popular Boh Sungai Palas Tea Estate. Some good quality family massage joints line the entrance to the hotel, and there are a number of food options nearby. There is a nearby shopping mall, Cameron Square, with some entertainment options like an amusement park, games arcades, shops and a trickeye museum.

The hotel is an unmissable landmark especially if you drive up via the Simpang Pulai Route

Review – Copthorne Hotel Cameron Highlands

  • Price: (7 / 10) Reasonably priced with a Triple Room without Breakfast at S$70 per night. However, not really the most value-for-money option around the highlands as you can get a full apartment in newer condition at that price range.
  • Location: (9 / 10) Very good location. Plenty to do around the Kea Farm area. Very popular day market selling all the kinds of stuff that Cameron Highlands is famous for – strawberries, tea, souvenirs, vegetables street food and so on. Restaurants and evening entertainment options are available near the hotel. Within a stone’s throw from the entrance into Sungai Palas and Gunung Brinchang.
  • Condition: (6 / 10) The hotel and rooms are in passable condition, nothing more.
  • Overall: (6 / 10) If we wanted to stay in Kea Farm for our subsequent trips, we might check out the newer apartments around the area.

After we check in, we relax and rest for a bit to recover from the long morning’s drive, and then we set off for a walk to the Sungai Palas Tea Estate!

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