Cameron Highlands Brothers Drive – Clearing Up Confusion

We need to focus on the right things and not on the need for things to always go right!

The Lion

Ever get important holiday information mixed up? 😮

My doctor brother thought we were leaving on Saturday morning, when we were supposed to leave on Friday morning. This was despite me confirming the dates with him, sending him the hotel booking confirmation, and reminding him that we were leaving on Friday. Bless him… too much on his mind. Turned out that he had kept his Friday morning clinic slot, and at this late stage there was no possibility for him to do a swap. He really felt bad about this though, so I won’t be too hard on him (… here in public 😛 ). Doctors have lots of responsibility on their shoulders and tend to be absent minded. ^^’

It happens to the best of us. On our trip to Hokkaido a couple of years back, I booked our car rental on the wrong dates, for October instead of November, a full month BEFORE our actual trip. We didn’t realise our mistake until we actually went to the car rental to try to pick up our car. By then, the rental booking had already lapsed. What drama. (You can read about our amazing Hokkaido winter drive HERE)

I guess because of my own previous failures, I was more forgiving in our current situation. I’m just thankful that we found out about the misunderstanding over the dates a few days before our actual trip, and not on the day itself. There would be no way for him to set off on Friday morning as we had planned, but least it gave us some time to explore possible alternative arrangements:

Option 1 – We all set off one day later. The advantage of this would be that we all stick together as brothers. The downside of this is that our trip is already a super short one, for us to sacrifice one full day, it makes the 600km drive there not as worthwhile, and we also forfeit one night’s stay at the hotel.

Option 2 – Two of us set off first as planned on Friday morning. Doctor brother makes his own way to Cameron Highlands by taking the overnight bus on Friday evening. In so doing, we don’t waste the first night, and Doctor Brother doesn’t miss that much as he would arrive in Cameron by 7am on Saturday morning. It was kind of a reasonable compromise solution.

After my brother took a look at some of the negative reviews for the Singapore – Cameron Highlands Bus services, he got scared off and backed out of Option 2, and thus we decided to go for Option 3 instead:

Option 3 – Two of us set off first as planned on Friday morning. Doctor brother takes the morning flight from Singapore to Ipoh, landing at Sultan Azlan Shah Airport. Lawyer brother and me get to spend quality time together for the first day, and on Saturday morning we take a leisurely drive down to Ipoh to pick up Doctor brother.

Missing one brother on the first day… 😦

These kind of situations really make or break a family. From a happy weekend away which we all were looking forward to, it could have quite easily degenerated into a family fight, souring our relationship, and spoiling our time together. I’m glad that we all retained our composure and refrained from finger-pointing, focusing instead on trying to find the best solution out of the mess that was inadvertently created. As brothers, we are family, and we can never allow anything to get in the way of that bond.

There’s so much we can learn from every situation in life, both the good and the bad. It’s so important for us to have the right perspective on things. Life is too short to get easily upset, and the people we love are too precious to let the little hiccups get in the way. Need to focus on the right things and not expect that things always go right!

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