More Than A Song

Over the past six years, the Amoris Singers has been my ministry, my place of refuge, my source of spiritual support and encouragement.

Together, we raise our voices in harmony and sing songs of worship to our Lord God Almighty.

We have gone through difficult times together, times of testing that threaten to tear us apart. Yet, in spite of our differences, our diverse backgrounds, our disagreements at times, we stand together as one family, united by our love for God and of choral music.

Tonight was our last practice of the year. I will miss the joy of singing with them. I look forward to when we will reconvene in January.

Lots of exciting projects to look forward to next year, a full-length Amoris concert, an overseas performance tour, and much more. In the meantime, let me reminisce some of our favorite repertoire through the years!

如果我能唱 If I Could Sing
Undivided – Composed by Lennie Chua