Photo-bombed by a Bee

On my recent trip to Cameron Highlands with my brothers, I was busy taking loads of photos, trying out the awesome quadruple rear camera on my new Huawei Nova 5T.

On a few occasions I tried to get a close up shot of bees and other insects buzzing around flowers. I ended up taking shots of flowers without the bees… I just wasn’t quick enough. I gave up… The bees wouldn’t cooperate.

This morning as I took my morning walk, I chanced upon a nice flower. It seemed to invite me to take a photo of it and I whipped out my phone to get a nice shot.

Just as I pressed the trigger button, a bee came into view. I took only a single shot of that flower, and the bee was in perfect position. Amazing.

It kind of got me thinking. Sometimes we get so frustrated when things don’t go our way. I’m kind of like that, I like to tell people that I’m one of the unluckiest persons alive. I always don’t win anything during lucky draws… When I play my mobile games, I always get lousy loot from my treasure chests. My wife is the one with the lucky fingers, not me. 😛

I guess I need to rethink that thought a little. The way luck works is this: we just need to keep doing the right things, pointing our cameras in the right directions, to focus on that which is beautiful and inspiring, and eventually the luck will flutter in our direction.

It is human to get discouraged, to feel down sometimes when things don’t go our way, but let’s bounce back, let’s become better. If we give up at the slightest setback, we will never find success, but if we set our eyes on the prize, one day the stars will be aligned for us!