2019 Drive to Thailand – Brake Pads, Movie, and Humpty Dumpty

Better do more road trips now while we still can, next time we only can sit in the car and let our kids do the driving!

– The Lion
YKL Automotive

Always good to have a spare day in KL, and what an eventful day this turned out to be for us.

I spent the morning hunting for a car workshop to change my brake pads. So expensive to change in Singapore. After trying a few workshops and doing some Google searching, managed to find one with good reviews that could handle my Peugeot. The worshop specialises in French brands. It took a while, but they managed to procure the right brake pads for my car and to change it at a total cost of about S$170 as opposed to the S$400 which was quoted to me by my Peugeot workshop back home. Big difference! The funny thing we found out was that the brake pad design for the Diesel version and the Petrol version of my car was different. Very strange, but well done to the mechanic for spotting the difference, and getting the correct design!

After getting back from the worshop, I brought the kids out to catch the opening day of Toy Story 4. Great movie, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, and I cried at the touching scene at the end. The kids loved it!

We found a new shopping centre Sunway Velocity Mall just a short drive from our hotel, and I must say that this was a great find! The mall is excellent, with plenty of food and shopping options, nice photo spots for us to monkey around as a family, and a really nice cinema too! Will definitely prefer to come back here instead of heading out to Berjaya Times Square which we normally do.

The two horses lioning around
The kids sitting on a giant make-up mirror

We arrived back and walked out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I was carrying my youngest boy and holding my wife as we walked. There was a depression in the road (bad road design) where the water drainage grills were. Because I was holding my boy, my view was blocked and I didn’t see the depression. Clumsy me had a great fall, taking my wife down with me. Thankfully I managed to avoid hitting my kid’s head on the road, but my wife knees and elbows bore the brunt of the damage. I had to nurse some cuts on my hands.

This was a stark reminder that I’m not getting any younger, and as I age, I seem to be getting more and more clumsy. 😛

Better do more road trips now while we still can, next time we only can sit in the car and let our kids do the driving!

Part 18 – Driving past a flaming lorry as we head home!

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