Public Transport Day

Tongkang LRT station, my first time on the Sengkang LRT network

For a roadster like me, having a full day without a car is a refreshing, albeit challenging change from the norm.

I had to send my car for its regular servicing today, so my day’s journey log looked something like this:

(1) Set off at 6.45am. Drive to Leng Kee to register my car at rhe service centre after dropping my son off at school.

(2) Walk to Queens Town MRT, take the train to Serangoon station. Walk back to Lorong Ah Soo.

(3) Take Bus 113 to meet my friend for a catchup at Heartland Mall, walk bacl to Lorong Ah Soo.

(4) Take Bus 62 and then transfer to Bus 72 stopping before Hougang 1 Mall for lessons.

(5) Walk out to Yio Chu Kang Road and take Bus 73 to Toa Payoh for my next lesson.

(6) Take Bus 153 to Serangoon Station and then MRT to Sengkang, transferring to the LRT and stopping at Tongkang Station for the last lesson of the day, the first time I actually tried the Sengkang LRT network!

(7) My last lesson ends at 10pm, and now I’m doing up this blog post on the MRT as I’m heading back to Leng Kee to pick up my keys from the security guard.

I’m proud of myself for making it through the whole day without succumbing to the temptation of taking a Taxi or a Grab ride! Yay clap for me! *cue the applause*

Google Maps is scarily good in giving the fastest route on public transport, and suggesting alternatives, with even information on when the next bus will be arriving and how crowded the bus will be. Incredible. Very soon it will also know how many passengers I’m carrying in my car and when I’m due to run out of petrol… Big Brother knows EVERYTHING. And you thought the aunties at the market were kaypoh (busybody), Google is a googol times more kaypoh than your neighbourhood auntie. Different level kaypoh.

Buses are so much more comfortable nowadays, compared to my growing up years. This is probably because nowadays, more people take the MRT and private hire vehicles. The buses are so empty! And you can even charge your phones in some of them! One USB socket per seat! Amazing…. I guess if they continue to raise the bus fares, I’ll take my revenge by sitting on the bus for the whole day, and charge phones and tablets for my whole extended family! (Mischievious Lion thinking evil thoughts again)

Taking public transport is also a great way to burn those calories. In fact, I burned so many calories today that my fitness tracker ran out of juice! (OK that’s partially because I forgot to charge for the past few days haha)

Walking past the McLaren showroom, I get to oogle and dream!
A little drizzle doesn’t dampen my spirits, in fact it helps to clear off the haze!